Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where are the Markets Headed ???

Long Term Analysis

Trying to analyze the Market structure and Probabilities in three Time Frames ,Long Term ,Medium Term and Short Term for the benefit of different types of Traders and Investors.The posts are to be read keeping in mind the corresponding Time Frames.

Medium Term Analysis

Medium Term

This corresponds to the time frame of three to six months .

Short Term Analysis

Short Term

This time frame analysis pertains to less than couple of months.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Market Indices

This is a post to bring the structure of the Market Indices ,which represent and form the major constituents of the overall Market. All the Indices are trading below their 200dma mark (which represents the Line of Control between Bulls and Bears) barring CNX IT. 

Top Traded Shares

Presenting the Price structure of some Top Traded Shares at NSE. The structure is gauged through long term Moving Average alignment of 50 and 200dma .
Moving Averages are lagging in nature but definitive Indicators as they are derived directly from Prices and hence represent the function of Price better than any other Indicator .Bullish alignment is when 50 dma is above the 200dma and Bearish is vice versa.

Monday, January 24, 2011

EOD Update


My sincere Thanks to all of you for giving overwhelming Response to the Blog.

THANK U ALL !!! शुक्रिया दिल से !!!

Senior Bloggers , Fellow Bloggers , Friends and unknown visitors dropping by to visit the blog and leaving their Best wishes and encouraging comments cannot be repaid by mere words of Gratitude.I will try my best to post as per expectations and to the best of my efforts.

Your valuable suggestions ,thoughts ,comments ,demands ,questions and criticism are most Welcome.Please feel free to share to help me get the direction and insight.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Important Notes

1. The Jan. series may trade rangebound . Max. action and Expiry expected in 5650-5750 range. Support coming at 5650 level and Resistance at 5750 & 5800+ level.
Selling of 5600PE and 5800CE may get few easy bucks.

2. 5600 is a strong support level going forward in next series.

3. 5400 is the game changer level for bulls Positionally.

4. Dont forget the appropriate s/l and money management.

Weekend Analysis

1. Indicators:

The Daily Indicators are exhausted and giving positive diversion in the oversold region. Much of the correction may be over