Sunday, January 23, 2011

Important Notes

1. The Jan. series may trade rangebound . Max. action and Expiry expected in 5650-5750 range. Support coming at 5650 level and Resistance at 5750 & 5800+ level.
Selling of 5600PE and 5800CE may get few easy bucks.

2. 5600 is a strong support level going forward in next series.

3. 5400 is the game changer level for bulls Positionally.

4. Dont forget the appropriate s/l and money management.


Sriganeshh said...

market at desktop is good. Thanks for sharing this resource.

AAR VEE said...

Thanks Sri,

Hope the utilities help.
Will like u to add inputs regularly.

Take care

Arvind said...

Dear RV

The blog is excellent and absolutely informative. All in one place. I appreciate you for your tireless efforts. Keep it up.