Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Chart posted yesterday has been changed with regards to EW sub wave counts though the Technical outlook and probable Impact remains the same.

The old chart stands invalid and the one below is in consideration now.



AAR VEE said...


sir, the minor i or v of 3 seem to be more than iii of 3 ? regards

Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy in the subwave counts.
The above chart has been altered to meet the EW hard rules.

anonymous@V said...

fii have bought big time....lot of short sellers are exhausted.....some hedge funds have hedged positions by selling stock futures....so any major dip will be lapped up and new high may come with full force...alternately markets will show shallow dips and steady rise....wherein short hedge funds will be forced to cover up their short hedges....markets internationally have been rock steady,,,,yes rock steady with low volatility....fear is in medium trm....short term remains buy stratefy...

anonymous@V said...

it looks almost top is near....long unwinding in nifty seen with some short build up...expect volatility at higher levels which will indicate topping out....prepare for shorting in short term....cheers