Monday, April 9, 2012

Nifty closes below Daily S3

When Nifty index closes below Support level 3 on Monday

With a decline of  88.5  points (1.66 %) , and Nifty index closing below Support level 3 , no doubt it is terrible start to the week for S&P Nifty index. We looked at the instances when Nifty index closes below Support level 3 ( as calculated with classic pivot formula ) , what is the likely-hood of weekly closing.  Below is the table of all the prior instances where Monday saw a close below S3 level and the Nifty index change for the reminder of the week. This is 18th instance where Nifty had closed below S3 level at the start of the week. The average change for the remainder of the week stands at 1.58%. with 13 out of the 17 trades giving profits when went long at close.

Courtesy : Stocksiq

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