Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trading on 24-08-11

Posting a Trade for tomorrow, which may  turn out a short term swing if goes right .

Entry : Short the 15 min ORB (opening range breakout ), only if breaks on downside. Take care for the proper break.

S/L : Strictly on ORB high+ 5 points . Put it at once u sell on break.

Postion sizing : Increase below 4890 and hold

Target : May Target 4750-4700 in next two -three trading sessions .

Caution : Monitor as per intraday charts if goes right. Caution at 4850 ,can be part booked and re enter on its break. Use Trailing s/l and follow.

No Long Trade Recommended .

NOTE : Subscription closes on Friday - 26/08/11.  

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