Saturday, April 9, 2011

People Against Corruption

The fight against corruption does not ends today but begins now.

Here are the naked facts of  corruption in our 'poor' country . The disease has reached epidemic proportions and its now the duty of every indiviual to lend support for the fight against corruption in whatever way suits him.

Spare just 10min. to go through this video and decide .

Corruption Facts
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alphabet1 said...

I was there at Ground Zero Jantar Mantar last night. Never before have I seen such 'Energy' in human action. Signed the dossier of Supporters and the proposed Jail Bharo Andolan. Sending them a cheque as my contribution to the cause.

Rajib said...

that's a nice gesture alpha1 ...

noble said...

Material Corruption being met now.
Moral Corruption, we are run over hypocritically.
Mental corruption - when do we stop running behind copy paste guys, spin masters who may start labelling even Pivot point as his own? Think about it.
You have Spin EMAs, Spin SARs from SPIN Sirs. Anna wont stand a chance against this fools' paradise.
Refer InformedTraders, from where all the "Start from here" materials plagiarism.

Alphabet1, hats off to you.

Prabakar said...

RV & Alphabet,

Nice to see y(our) support.

My worry is, will this also be a one timer and the SME politician change our noble leaders.

Now bribe/scam become the official language of politician.


AAR VEE said...

Hi alpha1-

Its great to hear that u have witnessed live what may be a turning moment in history.
Great going .Keep it up

AAR VEE said...

Hi Praba-

U have all the right to be sceptical .The condition is such .But one has to be positive.
Any change will be better than today's condition is my thought.Why worry for things to go wrong when they are worst now.

vinod said...

Hopefully it does not get hijacked.
Hope it supports all social injustices.
Hope it does not get derailed.
Hope the direction remains focussed, instead of becoming politics of somekind.
Hope it does not get the regular mode of power corrupts.
Hope the application is uniform, instead of being selective, for a real cure. If smallpox is exempted and only cholera is cured - - - the result is same - - - destruction. YeddyRajappa, MPland2GJdamnation, Money4vote to Religion4power, FIIthro backdoor to extremism of all color, Using the uniform immunity for flats and land or greencards to using the holyrobes for islands abroad, private plane & yacht holders praise of politicians for benefits, caring for the poor instead of shining indians alone, safeguarding agri [which will ensure food security in future] instead of dollar dotters alone to satisfy bushes blaming indian mouths for their shortages,
Its a widespectrum that needs attention.

The Starving Trader said...

Yes - corruption sucks! Nobody likes it. But the people propagating corruption are none other than products of our own society. Is another office to "oversee" the other offices really a practical solution? A system of checks and balances in a system already overloaded with checks and balances (red tape) in every nook and cranny will serve only to burden the machinery further and suck up any lubrication in an efficient democratic machine. While the feeling of patriotism sweeping the nation is commendable, it is difficult to see how the "Lokayaukta" establishment will police the others, overriding all protocols in a democracy and not be subject to adulteration itself. There are 153 politicans in Kerala contesting that have criminal records. How about starting with more practical measures - a bill to ban people with criminal backgrounds from running for office? Sorry, this got long :)

The Starving Trader

Doable Finance said...

It's not just the so-called third world countries, it's the developed nations as well. United States, over the years, has gained some prominence in the field of corruption. Last time I checked it has gone up a couple of notches and is now 19th on the corruption list.

The Scandinavian countries had the least corruption, almost none.

Piyush Sharda said...

good one rv. we can again become the golden bird..........
if we get it back

Piyush Sharda said...

good one rv. we can again become the golden bird..........
if we get it back