Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Morning

Trade with strict s/l


AAR VEE said...

AAR VEE said...
Hi mok, sujatha

lot of good intraday work.i am tempted to go intraday along with u ,seeing the accuracy of levels and timing.:)).(but will resist)

Somebody keeping note of the weekender must be a happy guy.Bounce from 6000 levels and profit booking at major resistance level of apprx 6130 mentioned in it.looks like the range will be maintained as indicated with volatile trading.

expecting tmrw and day after to be positive .(may be not much lower than 5985,may not even break 6000)expecting bounce.

immediate resistance at 6075-85 levels.
(can go to 6185 if crosses 6130 in next two days.)
downside has 5935 as important previuos pivot and fibo cluster number.

may be catch u tmrw second half.bye

October 19, 2010 7:56 PM

AAR VEE said...

Reposting the above comment due to lack of time to provide writeup with this post.


Sujatha said...

hahaha aarvee, what a busy man saving the typing time too :) good

thanks for the charts it's giving me boost

musti1780 said...

Gm Sujata,
Post ur views for intra today also
Help much plus gives confidence that trading in right zone

Sujatha said...

musti - i think u didn't browse properly busy counting INR?? check it again. i posted yesterday and today also.

happy trading