Monday, September 13, 2010


Another Trending day.
The Volume Profile and the Trendline have served well in this upmove.

Had to relabel the subwaves of the third wave of this upmove-

The Option Analysis shows some interesting observations apart from the expected ones of covering of 5600 and 5700 calls and addition of 5700 puts.
Guess where the game has shifted ?? Which are the call and put strikes adding max. percentage wise open interest (not quantity wise)??
The max. % Call addition is at 5900 strike and that of Put is at 5800 strike !!!!!!!.

No good fighting the Trend.Ride the waves untill resolves in opposite direction


alphabet1 said...

Good Morning.
Whenever you get time do look up December 2009 charts. There was a negative swing of 250 points followed by a positive swing back of 250 point. I am curious is the pattern now in any way similar to Dec 2009. If you can do post the charts too.

Shorts, like me, have been squeezed.

Yoda said...

Hi alphabet1,

I went short too and now I'm regretting my untimely moon analysis.

The problem with me is that I experiment when the market is sideways, and when it takes off I'm most likely not to be in the right direction.;/

alphabet1 said...

A post to read

alphabet1 said...

Saw another interesting chart

gauresh59 said...

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Yoda said...

lol, I like this 'running running train', Gauresh.:)