Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The 2d and 5d Volume Profiles show support in short term at 5795 now !!!.

The 5d charts show negative diversions in last two days of trading ,may induce a pullback to the Trendline supporting the upmove.

Probable EW count - - - 


alphabet1 said...

This author I read for market profile akin TPO

AAR VEE said...

Hi alpha 1

Thanks for bringing in light a very good technical article.Keep us updated for such inputs.

BALA said...

How the time price chart is to be constructed or any technical details or any articles if any please post it


AAR VEE said...


I hope u are asking for the TPO (time price opportunity chart)used by MP analysts,apart from volume profile.I think they can be constructed by softwares as amibroker ,quotetracker,marketdelta(they are called footprint charts here)etc .

U may go through for details of footprint charts and its faq and blog articles.

manu said...

rv bro..

ur inhs trgt coming abv 5900.

remeber that chart

manu said...

sorry forgot to post ur chart link

u knw ur d best saved as my desktop background frm that date

AAR VEE said...

Hi manu bhai,

Kitthe ho praji?? long time no see.

was about to post the followup of that chart.I have been following it religiously and posted two-three updates of that here.Was hard to believe that in july ,when first spotted it.