Thursday, September 16, 2010

EOD - 2

This is a follow up post on the Inverted Head & Shoulders patterns that were sighted in  early July and brought to notice of the Group in a mail.Hope somebody kept an eye on it .(Dear Manu did !!! ).

1. In July, when the two Inv. H &S were seen ,the Bigger was about to be completed and prices were near 5350 level.The target for Smaller was 5580 level and  that of the Bigger one was 5925 level. It was hard to believe it then !!!.

2. A post was done on 01/08/2010 here when very bearish views were being floated (in July) about August series.The above was mentioned as a contrarian view then.

3. A followup post was done on the Pattern in a Weekend Analysis on 05/09/2010 ,when the upmove started.

4. Again it was notified when the target of 5580 was reached for the Smaller pattern.

5. See what it looks like Today-


Tryin2Trade said...

Hi guys...

Some of you if not trading "RIGHT NOW" chill with


mo k said...

aha, manu, aarvee,,,
you guys kept the head reverted back on the shoulder.

now the head is up :D
best regards.

why dont you stretch that neck out and make a new high possible ??
rightafter crossing 20000 / 6000 anything IS possible :)

alphabet1 said...

HnS Pattern seems completed.

A break of 5826 NF can give 100 point move min. Watch first break on 15 min. chart with confirmation from 60 Min. closing below. Attribute this to a gentleman avatar Spec on icharts forum.

Mok : yr weekend ichi 15/60 min. charts and Guppy ema lines
AAR VEE for TPO go to Business and search author SHIRSAT.

@Sujatha. I wish to learn Gann application. Where and how can I do it. Best links? I prefer small simple write ups. Is it possible?

PS. I dont know. I see a repeat of Dec 2009 in reverse. A downfall swing of 250 point this expiry? Kill the Ce premium.

AAR VEE said...

Hi Manoj-

Thanks for the vdo

Hi mok-

Take out some time for the weekend post.

Hi alpha 1-

Thanks for the information.
To me ,as per EW count, going below 5826 will only be a whipsaw (along with break of the trendline),for the 5th wave up.
Pl.look for more confirmation to go short there ,better to be with trend than becoming the Bull- fodder as majority shorters.