Tuesday, August 3, 2010


One  observation that comes to notice is that today the total 5500 call accumulation exceeded the 5600 call ,whereas on the put side though the max. o.i. remains at 5300 strike ,it is the 5400 put strike that are the most active since last two days, with steady increase in o.i.This gives indication of another range bound period of trade .The range will be 5385-5485.Trade light till this range is resolved.


assortZ said...

// 5500 call accumulation exceeded the 5600 call //

RV, that means market men are confident that 5500 will be the ceiling atleast for near term..correct?

AAR VEE said...

By the builtup they seem more confident of protecting 5300 :-).

let's enjoy the range both sides untill resolved