Saturday, April 14, 2012

FD beats Equity Investment !!!

An article in ET suggests that for a time period of last 20 years Stock Markets have underperformed Fixed Deposits. The article is an eye opener for Long Term investing and underlines the need for Timing and Active portfolio management for Investors.

Check the article at - The Economic Times  

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Ashok said...

Totally Misleading. The so called expert has taken a date to compare. In any analysis of experts, data are taken on a date representing the normal status. here in the article 31.3.1992 was the date taken to choose for comparing. The writers of the article might be aware of that this was the period of Harshad Mehta’s scam and sensex was abnormally higher during this period. Now if one compare the data with Sensex prevailed either on 31.3.1991 or on 31.3.1993, all analysis would have been quite different. Aslo they failed to consider impact of tax, dividend and stocks other then sensex.