Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Delhi Rape Case Diary

This Post is a viewpoint on how the Government of India 'Raped' the peaceful Public protesting against the brutal and unfortunate Delhi Rape Incident which happened on the night of 16th Dec 2012 . Thanks to the alert and sensitive online Social Media, these Pictures and Tweets capture the deceit, deception, diversion and various classic War Room Strategies employed by the Govt. to wage a Mini-War on its own people .

It started with the tragic incident in Delhi which became the 'Ground Zero' for the battle . Public looking for proactive positive communication, transparency , responsibility and concrete action was met with a callous approach of dealing with the' Routine File'. 

1. Non Engagement By the First Line of Defence :

Let the protests die after passive engagement for some time.

Police Commisioner Neeraj Kumar- Home Secretary R.K Singh (Self praising interview), L.G. Khanna (Holidaying in USA), CM Shiela Dixit (Tearful TV interview and off to Shimla) and MOS RPN Singh , proved insensitive, incompetent, arrogant and irresponsible .

This fueled the already enraged Public facing general non governance and apathy along with Rise in crime against Women, Inflation, Scams looting the Nation etc amongst the other evils. They marched to Rajpath (after smaller protests since 17-12-12 ) and then lay the 'Seige' of Raisina Hills on 22-12-12.

2. Aggression / First Blood / Smoke the Enemy Out :

Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Lathi Charge was what the peaceful Public got . 22-12-12

3. Fortification , Reclaiming lost Ground :

Section 144 , Closing of Metro Rail service, Sealing of the VIP zone . 23-12-12

4. Inner Front ( attack from within) / Controlled Chaos :

Introducing 'Lumpen Elements' in the peaceful agitation . 22 /23 -12-12

5. Diversion :

Announcement of Sachin Tendulkar's retirement, to move the Public Attention and Media Debate away from the issue. 23-12-12

6. Building Alliances :

TV Media and Hospital Management dishing out Pro government propoganda ,False reporting, Provocating Breaking news and Hiding facts .

7. Counter attack /Containment and Message to Potential threats : 

FIR against General V.K.Singh / Ramdev Baba / AAP activists and subsequent Removal of General's security . 24-12-12

8.Deceit / Deception / Collateral Damage as Advantage :

Constable Tomar's death blown out of proportion for Public Guilt, Shifting focus.

Catch the role of Media, Pics ,Vdo of this episode by Barbarian Indian - CLICK HERE

9. Divide & Conquer / Diplomacy :

Sonia Gandhi  meeting ' Protesters Delegation ' to appease and calm Public. 

10. Counter Balance / Communication / Misconception :

HM Shinde , PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi on TV . 
Three daugthers theory, Comparision with maoists, Tears, Being a Mother, etc etc were not Theek Hai.

11. Passive Aggression / Force Multiplication :

Huge deployment to intimidate protesters for fresh buildup or regrouping . 

12. Deterrence :

Government gagging the Media . 27-12-12

13. Diversion :

 'Joker' in the pack . Abhijeet Mukerjee's 'Dented-Painted' remarks. 27-12-12

14. Diversion / Deception:

Sheila Dixit and Delhi Police at loggerheads .

15. Strategy of Void / Damage Control :

Creating emptiness , shifting focus of protesters, retreat , by shifting the Girl to Singapore. 27-12-12

16. Exit Strategy :

Quiet cremation of the' Daughter of India'. 30-12-12

17. Righteous /High Moral Ground by the Oppressor :

All and sundry coming out for mourning on TV , Condolences , Cancellation of New Year celebrations announced. But the Truth is -

18  Protect the Prince or Escape / AWOL ?

The Youth Icon, Protagonist in Bhatta Parsol Rape case goes missing in action .

End Game :

 R.I.P (Rest In Peace ) 2012  ,  Wishing for a M.A.D (Make A Difference) 2013

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Kumar Technicals said...

Dear RV!

Hats off to you for your sincere efforts for collecting everything & posting. Thank God that we are witness of a revolutionary change in society.

May God bless Damini's soul & give strength to all Indians to fight against poor, outdated laws & insensitive politicians.



Anonymous said...

Dear RV!

One of the best efforts on the whole episode. Hats off to you

shame is that the things will soon go back to being "normal". people will forget everything and go to work as usual. After forcing some of the biggest scandals on the nation, manmohan will remian silent and go in history as "Clean PM" (like all other PM before him were certified corrupt). Foreigners will continue to rule this nation because we dont care to vote and Rahul may even become a "reluctant PM"

Play Angry-Bird Game said...

nice article

Rajib said...

The pain felt, the pain described very meaningfully.

Mohan Bhagat (RSS Chief) says "rapes occur in India, not Bharat".

Pritish says it perfectly ... "The solutions lie in change ..."

God knows when & how it will come ...

Thanks for putting it together.

AAR VEE said...


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So till closes below 5900 now its a buy on dips with part booking in target zone and apply trend following methods to trade positionally .

AAR VEE said...

Thanks to Kumarji ,Rajib and anonymous for their view point in above post .


Ananymous@V said...

The fundamental hindsight still points to bullish bias...