Friday, November 11, 2011

Advisory Service for Nifty Futures & Options

I propose to start an Advisory Services on Subscription basis  for a select  batch of Traders who wish to have an opportunity to Learn and Trade Technicals.

The Service, "Learn and Earn", unique for it's Process and Content , will include –

- Calls for only Nifty Futures and Options for a period of next two derivative series, Dec’13 and Jan’14 (29-11-13 to 30-01-14).

- Calls will be based mainly on Trend trading & Swing /Breakout trading methods for Short Term Positionals combined with Intraday when probability arises. 

- Calls will be given in Real Time on Yahoo Messenger. The number of calls will vary as per Market condition.

- Call details will have specific Entry, Exit , Stoploss or SAR and Hedging if required.

- Proper Trade management & Followup of Open Trades in Real Time and EOD as required .

- Stress and Care for Money Management ( Position sizing ) and Risk Management 
(S/L or SAR), important to preserve capital and maximize profits.

- Exposure to a separate Blog dedicated to this service which will act as a Trading Journal, keeping the records of the Trade calls and Importantly explain the Technical logic behind each aspect of trade taken.

- The Service exposes the subscribers to various Methods of Technical          Analysis, their Application, Formulation of Strategy and Execution of Trades with  sound Trading Principles.

- The Broader Idea is to share the Trading Insight & Method Education with subscribers so that they Learn them simultaneously while Trading and Managing the Calls given .

Mail me - for Subscription details.

“ Holy Grail Seekers” & “Get Rich Quickly” guys , Please Excuse .

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Aseem Shukla said...

Excellent service with an intrest to educate trader. Great Job.