Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi All ,
Good Morning,

Pl. go through the weekend analysis -

Taking some profits off the table as desired target near 6225 levels have been reached.
Remember it was the level where the 3rd wave since 4786 ended. Indicators being overbought also are a pointer for booking some profit.

Further bullishness may persist ,so dont be short positionally.

Have a nice day.


Sujatha said...

thank you aarvee :)

i booked yesterday itself, OOps. shorted & booked loss today opening :P

AAR VEE said...

GM Sujatha,

Hope u had a cracking pre Diwali session this week.

AAR VEE said...

what a move!!!

Diwali blast,couldn't have got better.

Prabakar said...

GM RV, Sujatha..

i was also short yesterday, booked loss at the open and now at gain...

great move.

Sir's target seems to be 6295..

Sujatha said...

AARVEEEEEEEEEE :) happy mood.. i am in crying mood :(

what is the solution for "emotion" i idiot knows the target but closed yesterday itself. reversed short booked loss.. it's often happening :P is is better to away from the "monitor" itself? or just keep tv in "mute" and watch the price will help??

manu said...

rv pa ji..hi..

uni crossed 90 lvl but will it susutain..
picture abhi baki hai kya?

AAR VEE said...

manu bhai,

If u are using the s/l of last friday for positional long then why worry?


crying mood ??

intraday trades against the trend ,ending in loss are small blows to pysce.I think refrain from them .take intra positions that align with larger trend and book out at ur levels.TV i dont know ,how can it help intra or for that matter positional,all part of the cartel:))

AAR VEE said...

i think big blast coming if crosses the day's high and sustain.

Sriganeshh said...

though it is perfect to take some profit but undercurrent suggests higher levels till expiry ..say dhamaka for bulls till expiry and then it is for bears...
let them fight....we will keep taking our profit regularly...
is it 3rd of 5 or sub in 1st of confused rv...

Sriganeshh said...


unitech move suggests ready for running...but rbi move is real dampner so u ve to see whether funds are dumping at higher levels to move...if it crosses and sustains at 90 levels firmly, then u ve party time

AAR VEE said...


Nice catching u intraday ,was about to leave (some festival prep.)

Sri it has been a good week ,so taking some profits wont harm :))
it seems the start of the 3rd of the 3rd of the may be 4th of that 3rd of 5th.

ya i have also higher targets in mind above 6284 levels ,some 6600+ to start with modestly :))

have a nice day and bye
enjoy the festival ,greetings

AAR VEE said...

ya forgot to add Sri -

that for higher targets to come,i am also keeping this count(alternate view) as only the 1st wave of the fifth !!!

Sriganeshh said...

Thanks RV
have a nice diwali and enjoy the festival....

mo k said...

Hi All,,, :D
Big arena to witness the climb !
WIll join you all later.
Take care,
make profit :)

manu said...


cant say it will sustain abv 90 or not
but poor show by it..may be its result show something..dont know when they are..can u help(searched

Prabakar said...

Dear All,

Wish you and your family a very happy Deepavali :)