Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is a post on Dear Manu's request for Unitech's TA.

Long term Chart :

Mainly sideways movement . The prices are above 200 sma but below 50 sma,being a high beta stock ,it does not gives clear signals with the bearish or bullish cross of these long term moving averages in the sideways movement.

Weekly Chart:

Prices above mid line of the Bollinger bands ,and 13-34 ema also bullishly aligned.The stochs are in downtrend ,though can reverse from mid region but cautions that trading can have more downside ,better to follow s/l to take care.One positive sign is that volumes were low in the last falling weeks.

Daily Chart:

The daily chart has indications of a bounce.Trading is near Bollinger band lows, with some indicators showing positive diversions and exhaustion in oversold area. The trend indicators is in sideways mode . But before going long caution should be  that the prices close above 5 ema then can add more when 5-20 ema become bullishly aligned and the indicators give 'buy' signal.The medium term outlook is also positive with 20-50 ema bullishly aligned.

Volume Profile :

The 10 d Profile shows a clear resistance at 90 levels.The upmove can develop only after the bounce settles above this.This level is also Ema resistance zone.

So, one may go long with a s/l below Friday's low ,if crosses 90 levels than can go to target B.B. higher band at 98 levels and above. Till a clear uptrend is not indicated ,it will be wise to book out at important resistances or part book there and rest with trailing s/l.


manu said...

thanx a tonnnnnnnnnnnnn

mo k said...

wow, Unitech got a Nifty treatment,
thanks to Manu.

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Prabakar said...

Good to see the details for Unitech. I have lost the most money in Unitech :()

musti1780 said...

GM all,

manu said...

rv..intra getting difficult fr it to cross

AAR VEE said...

manu ,
should do that shortly tmrw/day after ,lets hope so .
keep s/l friday low.