Thursday, October 21, 2010


All Friends At OJN Thank Mr. Rajandran , Author of the popular blog "Market Calls" , for adding the link of our Blog at his esteemed site.

Mr. Rajandran is one of the finest technical brains of the blogging world and a very helpful person. He can be reached at his blog -
for any technical and general queries by the visitors.

We are also Thankful to -

for similar gesture.

Best Wishes & Warm Regards,
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alphabet1 said...

I happen to talk to Rajandran once, very unassuming person and ever-willing to help. He indeed has a great site, and he shares freely. May his tribe increase.

mo k said...

Hi Alpha :)

Hi RV, this is a nice note.
I am with you in this post content.

Sujatha said...

Thank you all


mynac said...

Dear Rajandran,

Thanks a lot.Just visited your blog & added in favorite list.

Dear Friends,
Now a days away from market due to dearest friend's health problem.Likely to join you as usual in next month.Till then Good Night Everybody.

mo k said...

Hi Mynac,
Take care, and take care of your friend ... He is lucky to have you for a Friend [in need is a friend indeed] ...
Wish him best recovery ...

Sujatha said...

hi mynac

very sad to hear..

we wish him for a "speedy recovery"

take care