Thursday, October 21, 2010



Sujatha said...

thank you coolllllll :)

mo k said...

Yes RV,
clicked the 'cool' also now :)
This is the best mix ...
waved profile :)

bizagra said...

Thanks AarVee,
For gr8 and and simple wave counts.This blog is really helpful.

AAR VEE said...

welcome Bizagra/Anuj

Just trying hand at EW lately.U may visit sujatha's post for intraday levels today with discussion on EW counts in the comment section.Do let us know ur observations regularly as u are an old EW follower.

Prabakar said...

Hi RV,

Thanks for the chart. Is there a view that c has completed and a gap up tomorrow?

Alpesh & Daxesh said...

Hi dear Aarvi,
plz post daily abd weekly time freme " ew wave ".
so we know that current condition of running in nifty

AAR VEE said...


As pointed in the chart ,one final upmove,5th of this wave started today is left ,may be the cof 4th ended in a flat correction.As per vol. profiles and pivots it may be 6130-6185 level.

as per EW theory ,in an expanded flat correction,the C of B will end above the start of A of B ,that is above 6125 level.(in this case of A-B-C correction)

Pl. see the comment section of todays Sujatha's post on intraday Gann levels,we have discussed short term and long term EW counts there.

Pl. see the weekend chart of ew also for the preferred count.

AAR VEE said...

Hi alpesh,

U can click the label 'RV' and go through my previous posts for the preferable EW count i am following.

I like to count the immediate upmove in hourly time frame and intraday subminuette in 5 min or nseindia chart which ever is clear.

As per my count the upmove since 5350 has ended at 6225 levels and we are in A-B-C correction of this upmove in which we are running in B wave ,precisely C of the B.

In the intermediate wave since 4786 ,this correction is Wave 4 and a final wave may be left targetting 6400-6600.

In move since march 09 we are in C wave of the B, (which is an irregular one as has moved above 5475 level that was apprx 80% of A which was from jan 2008 -march o9.)

This A-B-C correction are of the 5waves started since 2003 and can be considered the 3rd wave since 1995.

Big C of this ABC is yet to unfold down.

I have posted detailed charts in one of my posts last month pl. check.