Friday, November 22, 2013

Advisory Service for Nifty Futures & Options

I propose to start an Advisory Services on Subscription basis  for a select  batch of Traders who wish to have an opportunity to Learn and Trade Technicals.

The Service, "Learn and Earn", unique for it's Process and Content , will include –

- Calls for only Nifty Futures and Options for a period of next two derivative series, Dec’13 and Jan’14 (29-11-13 to 30-01-14).

- Calls will be based mainly on Trend trading & Swing /Breakout trading methods for Short Term Positionals combined with Intraday when probability arises. The combination is designed to get superior returns by capturing the major moves of the prevalent Trend and to go for some counter trend trades as well.

- Calls will be given in Real Time on Yahoo Messenger. The number of calls will vary as per Market condition.

- Call details will have specific Entry, Exit , Stoploss or SAR and Hedging if required.

Proper Trade management & Followup of Open Trades in Real Time and EOD as required .

- Stress and Care for Money Management ( Position sizing ) and Risk Management 
(S/L or SAR) , important to preserve Capital and maximize Profits.

Exposure to a separate Blog dedicated to this service which will act as a Trading Journal, keeping the records of the Trade calls and Importantly explain the Technical logic behind each aspect of trade taken.

The Service exposes the subscribers to various Methods of Technical          Analysis, their Application, Formulation of Strategy and Execution of Trades with  sound Trading Principles.

- The Broader Idea is to share the Trading Insight & Method Education with subscribers so that they Learn them simultaneously while Trading and Managing the Calls given .

Mail me - for Subscription details.

“ Holy Grail Seekers” & “Get Rich Quickly” guys , Please Excuse .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Do you have a trading record?

AAR VEE said...

@Anonymous ,


None as such except recorded all trades and other details on separate advisory blog for subscribers of earlier batches.

dinesh said...

could you share the record details.

AAR VEE said...


Please mail me for any queries.

AAR VEE said...

My sincere Thanks to all the Friends who inquired about the Advisory and to those who subscribed it.


SMART Trader said...


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