Sunday, April 29, 2012

Technical Analysis for Nifty

Below are Charts with Observations . Note the levels and signals carefully -

1. Weekly :

2. Daily :

3. Hourly :

4: Weekly 5 ema :

5. Volume Profile :

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chetas said...

Aarvee sir,

Your analysis is Simply Superb,
get so much clarity reading it.

Thankyou very much


AAR VEE said...

Thanks Chetas ,

Hope it helps !!!

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear RV!

Very good analysis, clear n crisp.

Thanx n rgrds,


KRG said...

AarVee: The Bull picture is great..

AAR VEE said...

Thanks Kumarji for appreciation.


AAR VEE said...


Is it likely to break free ??

KRG said...

may be some more time before an upside break-out...Simple logic being the major C should take more time if it is not to do too much price damage. So the minimum I was looking at is half of the time spent in A+B..

But if you look at Shailesh's count (which is quite solid except that it is considered rare) we already broke out and this is congestion b4 the next breakout. Am okay with either