Saturday, March 31, 2012

Golden Words !!!

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Kumar Technicals said...

Dear RV!

Its beautiful, every slide has marvellous msg. Thank you so much for posting this amazing movie.



KRG said...

AarVee: Quite a brilliant one

Piyush Sharda said...

its cool rv

Rajib said...


Nice one.

You keep giving & forgiving and I keep getting & forgetting. :)


venkatapathy l said...

RV Sir,

In one word 'Splendid'. Life enriching.



Piyush Sharda said...
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karthik said...

i think shailesh (anonymous) is right and we will see 5500 very quickly in nifty in the next few days.Shailesh is it possible that we see 5500 in nifty now and then fall down again but dont touch the falling trendline at all and just zoom up to 6000 nifty after reaching 5200 again (once we touch 5500 and come back to 5200)? Your comments welcome so are others.This is getting very interesting.I am for 5500 in next 1 week before we see 5200 again.

Anonymous said...

If this 5500 comes before end of 10th april then 5135 shhould not be broken for 24 days starting 5135, but eventualy anything less than 5052 is expected less than means either 4975 or max could be 4884 but if yu ask me I think that the magic lower support figure would be 4992-4996 and the date 18th may ,so from 21st may we could see a resumption of bullish trend, let us see what God has in store for us??????????


AAR VEE said...

Hi ,

Kumarji , KRG,PS ,Rajib,LV ,

Thnaks for appreciating and leaving ur comments for the post.


Anonymous said...

Shailesh bhi Ravi here .

Nifty had made double bottom which is 5171-5136 so bounce was expected as we chat earlier but now i m expecting 5428 as Resistance and nifty will fail to cross that level and it will go back to lower level. If nifty breaks double bottom that is 5136 then it will make new low between 5050-5112 Date 17th -20th April which will be 60 day from high 5630
Below 5050 Bull get ends.
and above 5050 Alltime high will intact till january 2013.

karthik said...


5130 will not be broken again in the next 1-2 months but neither will we cross 6500-7000.Markets should move towards 5900-6000 once the petrol and diesel ,LPG hikes are announced and done with and the pain absorbed by the markets.After that nifty should move up very very fast towards 6k.

karthik said...

Looks like diesel and petrol,LPG hikes have been kept in abeyance for now.This means that markets are ready for 6k and the movement can begin in a few days or a couple of weeks towards nifty 6k .....bon voyage

karthik said...

the movement could be highly volatile too but 5130 should hold with the nifty taking major support at 5150-200 levels.