Friday, August 12, 2011


- SGX Nifty closed near the Highs . Nifty may open strong here . 

- The first Resistance zone is the 5165-75 zone . If gaps up over it and sustains then may test the 5225-50 zone . Above 5225 apprx is the Gap area upto 5330. 

- This seems to be the final leg of the retrace upmove ( which may last a couple of sessions more ) hence Positional traders should start entering with the largerTrend that is Down .

- After the Gap up or strong move , if trades below 5165 ( HVN ) will be bearish.

- Keep 5165 as SAR tmrw. and Trade the chart below.  

- Monday is a Trading Holiday so dont take any positions home in the wake of global uncertainity.

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jagannathan said...

Thank you for your advice on holding any share today as we could not believe US and euro countries