Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dr. Kumar and Homeopathy

This Post is to Thank Dr. Kumar and share with the readers about a personal experience with Homeopathy.

Dr. Kumar is an ace trader by Profession and Homeopathy practitioner by Passion .

Recently my Father was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion after having severe  loss of vision in his left eye. ( Retinal artery occlusions are caused by blockages in the retinal arteries. The blockage can occur in the form of a blood clot or thrombus but can also be caused by a piece of clot that breaks off  from another major artery in the body and lodges in a retinal artery. As soon as a retinal artery becomes blocked, there is rapid loss of vision in the area of retina served by the artery. In cases involving the central retinal artery , severe and sudden vision loss occurs. Without treatment, irreversible vision loss occurs after about 90 minutes. ) .

He was being treated by a leading Eye Doctor and opinions of eminent doctors were taken locally and even from consultants of 'Shankara Netralaya'. The visual loss in central retinal artery occlusion is usually irreversible although there may be some improvement over time, There is no good & proven treatment of this. He was told of the irreversible loss and how to lead life with it,  after about couple of months of treatment they possibly could do to help him  .

Fortunately somehow Dr. Kumar visited this Blog and offered help, (which he always does), without knowing that we were looking for some alternative therapy for my Father's condition. I contacted him and forwarded the details of the ailment  after which we had an online interaction and he prescribed some Homeopathy medicines, which my Father is taking regularly since a month.

Last week my Father underwent a routine checkup of the eye and we were quite pleasantly surprised, along with the Doctor himself, that his tests were showing good positive improvements ( even though no further treatment was ongoing since the damage was diagnosed as irreversible after being treated with possible Allopathy )  .
Dr. Kumar is hopeful of further improvement in due course of time.

I and my Family Thank Dr. Kumar sincerely for the better condition of my Father and more for being a Humble and ever Helpful good Human being that he is.

Dr. Kumar can be contacted at by the needful for Homeopathy guidance which he provides free of cost .


Unknown said...

Tell your father get well soon.
You are successful doctor successful trader and good human being. You are always happy to help
God bless you

Unknown said...

Similar is the case for my mother. She was operated for cataract (L/eye) a year back at Bokaro Steel City. All was well and she was seeing every thing but clarity was not there. We went to Shankar Netralaya after 6 months of operation. They recommended for YAG. We could not got it done due to shortage of time and we came back to Bokaro. YAG was performed at Bokaro Hospital after which there was no vision. Some 2 week ago We again went to Shankar Netralaya where Doctors told that the vision is irreversible and no doctor in the world can bring the vision. The vision loss is due GLUCOMA.

One relative of mine told such cases can be solved by acupuncture. Acupuncture centers are there at T-Nagar, Chennai and many has recovered from such problem. My mother is also undergoing her treatment for the last one week. I am hoping that some vision will come.

I am writing this as I have seen the eye article at your blog. I will also consult Dr. Kumar for his help.

With lots of regards to you & Dr. Kumar.

jagannathan said...

Mr.Kumar is helping all the members of justnifty .We should appreciate hes sincere service.In the present medical field all the doctors are charging very high fees.But, kumar is doing a wonderful service.I pray to God for a long and peaceful successful life to kumar

venkatapathy l said...

During studies medical students treat pharmacology with disdain. But, to me, pharmacology text book was moe interesting than Sherlock Homes. Many times I passionately read ‘Goodman and Gilman’. At that time I realized that even when Doctors give large doses of drugs it is only a tiny fraction of the drug - a few thousand molecules - enter the diseased cell and does the repair work. From then on I developed a healthy respect to Homeopathy which continues till date.

May the ilk of Dr. Kumar multiply and God offer special blessings to Dr. Kumar.



Anonymous said...

Thanx to Dr.Kumar for such a noble venture... Hope that the GOD bless other doctors also so that free and genuine consultation may be available to all in need...

u.k.Raj said...

Dear RV,
This is to your father.
“You are in our thoughts & prayer
and we're all
hoping that you will be
enjoying better health again soon.”
Dear Dr. Kumar sir,
Thank you sir,
Your “Homeopathy practitioner by Passion” reflects Mother Teresa’s words
“It is not how much we do,
but how much love we put in the doing.
It is not how much we give,
but how much love we put in the giving.”

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear RV & all!

Thank you so much for ur kind comments for me & Homeopathy. I am really overwhelmed by all comments. Homeopathy is totally based upon nature, medicines are made by herbs, flowers, trees, vegatables, metals, some life saving drugs made by poison too. One drop of medicine goes in our body & after mixing in blood it expand from head to toe, then it creates same material which is required to fight the disease.
The credit goes to Mr.ILango too, who silently inspire people like me to serve the mankind. I will pray to God to give me more power, will & time to serve the mankind.

Best Regards


AAR VEE said...

Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving the Good Wishes.


Shradha Saburi said...

thank you AarVee Sir,
for your information ON Dr. Kumar Sir

Sandeep said...

Dear AarVee ji and Dr. Kumar,

My sincere & heartiest thanks to both of you for helping and guiding people both financially and medically.


Utkarsh Gupta said...
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Parminder said...

Hi RV,
My prayer for ur father to get well soon under the expert guidance of doctors and DR. Kumar who is as noble as anything and offers help from time to time.
The world is still relying on ppl like him and master who are serving ppl selflessly.

AAR VEE said...

@ Utkarsh-

Nice of u to drop by and encourage ur Father. Every Father wishes to see what U wrote.Its a nice gesture on ur part.

Try to be a worthy Son of a worthy Father. The key is service to humanity and respecting elders.

Take care

sansethi said...

God bless Dr Kumar and family and all his patients.