Friday, June 10, 2011

Jan LokPal Bill - Text & Analysis

For the first time in the 63 year history of our nation, the citizens have the opportunity to directly participate in the making of a law that will have significant and direct impact on their lives and the life of the nation. The country is today ridden by corruption. Whether it be routine transactions that involve the government or services and amenities and benefits provided through the public exchequer, the ordinary citizen pays a price daily in terms of harassment, delays, poor quality, absent infrastructure and in-equal access. What we need is an effective and independent institutional mechanism for tackling the malaise of corruption in this country. That institution is the Jan Lokpal.

The drafting of the Jan Lokpal bill, which is to be finalized by June 30th, 2011, is underway. You can play your part in this historic moment by giving us your invaluable comments/suggestions about the different provisions in the draft of the Jan Lokpal bill which will make it the effective, accountable and independent anti-corruption body that India needs right now. Otherwise, it will remain a law which exists only on paper and has no impact on the ground.

You can Down load the Text of the Bill  -CLICK HERE

Detailed Analysis of the Bill -CLICK HERE

Summary of the LokPal Bill- CLICK HERE

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San said...

Let us all support this revolution and make it a success.

Thanks AAR VEE for your efforts.

AAR VEE said...

Welcome San ,

Each one of us should do whatever little we can for the cause.Each small effort matters.