Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hope someone was following the Weekend Analysis.


Please check it out again ,as may help in further trading.

Below is a chart for last two days of trading.

Will post some update tomorrow---------


alphabet1 said...

Mok, AarVee,

Lets take the EW count given in weekend analysis.

Alternate First : 5935 holds, meaning sub wave not entering territory of subwave 1 , will then see a bounce, then a fall and then subwave 5 of 5 leading us to = new nifty high.

Alternate Second : 5935 is breached. Then wave count is redone. New count subwave C of 4. Then followed by Wave 5 of 5 subwaves, again leading us to = new nifty high.

This fall is swift and is rather wave 1 impulse down, with 6341 top being top of zig-zag wave 5 already. SO we may be heading deeper lower.

Above is all academic as who knows what Thursday has in store.

On ichi eod, bounce of the cloud is on cards. (similar significance to holding 5935 on EW)

a) to have someone post GANN SQUARE 9 and other charts.

b) to have someone post divergences on RSI, MACD, STS, to be able to catch the retracement bounces.

Cheers to all !!

Sujatha said...

AARVEE - yes i posted here somewhere that "u r rocking :) yes r v my target also done of cam weekly level of 6148 near, but ODIN hanged hence shorted at 6118 only intra. positional hit 6040. but intra gained somehow managed.

Mok, some kind of sharing my views with you seniors making me confidence. I used to put Sundaram's only, MIDCAP, SELECT FOCUS, capex opportunites. i earned much on previously focus /capex. i prefer open ended fund, which one is better. now they are giving pressure for NFO Capital protection oriented fund?? what about ur opinion. tonight will send u some stock list.


AAR VEE said...


not much into mutual funds so cannot help :(

AAR VEE said...

hi alpha1

u can find the ew count at last couple of weekenders .

if 5935 holds than tgt conservative 6600+

alternate is given this weekender ,c-4 can tgt 5800 levels and even below.
the 5th may start

both ways i am expecting new highs as euphoria of top is absent.

would consider anything else below 5350 only.

Sriganeshh can help u with gann sqaure of 9 chart.check out his blog link at bottom (he is posting them )and leave a comment there.

i will check the divergences next week only after action near 5935 level ,though there is +ve diversion in rsi 9 hrly chart.

AAR VEE said...


check this post at sri's blog on gann square.


mo k said...

hi Alpha,
Yes, Gann SriGaneshh goes deep into it. Will ask him to take up weekenders on it,
RV is much interested in concrete divergences. His lack of time affects more posts from him.
Ichi cloud top is a support now.
By all other indicators also 5970 Nifty Future had been a good support point. On Thursday there can be a retrace. By Fibo also both NF and BNF at important points. Lets see.

mo k said...

Hi RV,
Thats a fine observation.
We can play for now from here to 6130
and wait for a break above,
go positional on strength.
Keep posting your down to earth observations, RV, they are very good.

mo k said...

Hi Sujatha,
Sundaram AMC Select Midcap i hold, but did not invest further when it lagged behind Birla Midcap. Now again Sundaram Midcap has overtaken.
Their TaxSaver OE has been best performer, but now lagging behind
regular laggards like Reliance TaxSaver, or conservatives like HDFC TaxSaver.
Sundaram keeps paying out Dividends [which also brings down the nav] which gives us an option to rethink where to invest further the dividend [as you know, in mutual fund the dividend is portion of the investment that comes back, unlike shares]. But the AMC is a fine performer.

NFOs, I prefer Funds in market than NFOs performance of which we can only guess & wait.
One can look at Tata P/E Fund also.

This reminds me to add few good MF links to our site, to start with the AMFI and ValueResearch.

AAR VEE said...


though it looks like i posted the chart for future trading ,but i posted it as a review of the weekender which insisted on 6120 as SAR.the text in the chart is takeoff from there.

but yes now 6120 level will act as resistance ,but prices may not bouncein current week to this level.

alphabet1 said...

Sujatha, and et al.

Mutual Funds

My personal view. Why pay the Fund Manager (his cost salary travel bonus dinners invariably gets build in). Why not create your own portfolio.

Decide amount you want to invest each month SIP
Invest each month in NiftyBees if you want Index Fund
Invest in choosen INfra shares each month in a fixed ratio, if you want Infra Fund.
Its all about self discipline.

My experience : Mutual Funds are crap. You yourself can manage a fund much better. I am sure.

assortZ said...

I second alpha here..

I have made some investments in 2006 and i redeemed them when 5500 was not taken out first time :)..i merely got some 40-50% returns after 4 years.. i feel we can instead create separate demat a/c and create small portfolio from % of profit every month from trading profits.. though we cannot beat fund managers, at least we can be at par with them provided we have discipline.and Sujatha can do this..:)

alphabet1 said...


May like to have a look at this GANN Widget.


mo k said...

Hi Alphabet,
We have this & more amidst the bunch of gadgets at the bottom of
Our widgets and charts site OJN1

mo k said...

Yes, but for me Mutual Fund is yet another vehicle of parking funds.
One can make use of the ELSS, [though coming year ELSS will not gain TaxBenefit anymore] till ELSS is in force.
As well we can park the MTM DrawDown allowance in it if we hold futures with a deep drawdown strategy.
And, it makes a little diversification for investments.

I drip accumulate Nifty etc Bees also.

But then its all in perceptions & contexts, which can differ.
And, all opinions will be valid.

mo k said...

Hi RV,
You have extracted it from your past post, and the relevance & your observation is striking.
Keep it going, pal, we can use it well.

mo k said...

Hi AZ,
I had left the Reliance Banking Fund open and kept the SIP into it steady thro this 2008 2009, it made up for some Election time losses very well.

I go for variation. There this MF platform makes one.
Your thoughts are good. Park the Made Sums into separate Portfolio as an EarntPortFolio :)

alphabet1 said...


My good friend I need an invitation from you to visit OJN1. You have my email.

Meantime enjoying some spiritual music

mo k said...

i did not realize it was restricted.
ok, there is nothing in that site that demands restriction, anyway.

i have set it open now,
try it out.
its all mumbo jumbo,
i have not arranged the layout yet.

alphabet1 said...


I am just reading a book who have back-tested every MA from 5 to 200 for last 70 years on USA Index. His results best return is by using 134 DMA to buy and hold for investment.

Just plotted 134 DMA on our Nifty, looks interesting. (maybe a chart upload from one of our good friends here)

A PDF book at Nseguide.com called "Predict Market Swings with TA - 2002 Laxxuss