Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Keep an eye on the level of 6110 and the Down trend line .

The day ended with positive diversion in indicators.

Trade light for next two days.


mo k said...

Hi RV,
good one,
past 2 days intra shows this steady downward slope, with todays final blip.
this positive divergence, may create an up tomorrow ? The OI seem focussed on 6000 6100 6200.
todays support has been on the fibo retracement levels, so a bak retracement to up 38.2% ?
i am with a guest computer, dont hav data access or other access, so dont know now.
Thanks for the post.

AAR VEE said...

The imp. observation of option data is that 6100 calls are exceeding 6100 puts today also (as mentioned in weekender too),which is a bearish signal.I dont take out of money data in to consideration as trade looks rangebound with -ve bias.May be 6000 level will not give way till expiry and expiry around 6100+- 20 pts also mentioned in weekender.

Tomorrow may be wave 2 of C ,positive & flat.Keep in mind 6151 too.

Not much to trade in next two days.

mo k said...

Thanks RV,
so it is going to be
positive but flat.
The premium on the nov series is so high, wondered about the rollover also.

yes, looks to be no trade zone !

AAR VEE said...

prmium high due to accumulation on lower levels.

over 2 crore oct futures are to expire/rolled oevr in two days.

mo k said...

ok, so a big roadroller action of churning in the two days ... it will be a rollercoaster ride.
will wait for more of your output tomorrow evening, pre-expiry.