Tuesday, September 14, 2010


1. 2d Volume Profile shows support at 5760 levels,break of which can only bring larger correction.

2. Probable EW count indicates the end of the 3rd subwave of the Third wave of the upmove since 5350 and start of 4th subwave of the Third.The 4th may correct by apprx 38% of the total upmove in 3rd subwave ,giving the approx. target of 5750 ,this also concurs with the volume profile.The 4th subwave may end by tomorrow and the 5th subwave of this Third may start.Some what larger correction may occur only after completion of the Third wave of this upmove.


Sujatha said...

Finally Weekly fibo level from weekly low 2.61 - 5861.75 too achieved. Will nifty return from here? Some gann levels pending?? on upside (weekly)

1.5 5875.15
1.625 5894.33
1.75 5913.54
1.875 5932.78
2 5952.05

Intra gann -

100% 5838
125% 5858
150% 5878
175% 5897
200% 5917

Trading only intra because of loss :P

AAR VEE said...

Thanks for the levels,

They have been helpful in this upmove.

loss?? why ??