Friday, September 17, 2010


As expected the 'b' corrective of the Fourth wave gave a bounce and traded flat for the day. Now the 'c' subwave of this Fourth may bring the market down to 5800 level. Expected area of the Fourth wave ending will be near 5775-5800 zone.Keep an eye on this zone to cover part shorts or go long for the Fifth wave up.

The 5d Volume Profile shows 5795 as the Important support area for the upmove to continue.  


mo k said...

hi RV :)
thanks, will leave instruction to buy on 5775 5800.
Will be a good one to go with.
will watch your levels.

AAR VEE said...

pl. keep a comfortable s/l too.times are volatile :))

mo k said...

hey RV, oh sure, will leave instruction as to buy as well SL.
Tgt alone we will leave for later ...

there can be a hiccup before a move up or down.
that will make us alert. [hopefully],
thanks ...

r m said...

Hi friends!

I thought that 5775 5800 was the broker's phone no. where you were going to leave instructions to buy.

mo k said...

hey cheeky RM,
nice to see your smilie :D
RV level may be a touchdown and a pickup time.
have a great weekend!