Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Check this chart for a breakout and be prepared.

Adding the intraday chart too .


RamSreeram said...

4hrs Yoda system has given sell
Plz confirm I think so

mo k said...

hi ramsriram
my colleague who follows 4hr Yoda system is not here today...

you got the cama afl, ?
that was your email ID right, ?

RamSreeram said...

No I didn't get the afl
I got only Market profile afl
@ 5430 Nifty spot Yoda's System has given sell....

Thanks for ur timely updates
Excellent work & superb presentations

RamSreeram said...

If possible create a separate thread of afl's were we can post & share our afl's.

mo k said...

ok RSR,
i think it was another person,
i had my doubt too ...

you send an email to ojn_2@yahoo.in

i searched for your mailID and sent to the otherperson i think :)